Why switch energy suppliers?

3 Great Reason to Switch Energy Suppliers

Save up to 34 percent on your energy rates

Last year, Energy Choice customers saved up to 34 percent on their energy supply rates by shopping and switching suppliers. That’s because when suppliers compete for your business, you can shop smart by comparing rates. What’s more, we’ve negotiated special rates with some suppliers that are available only through our site. Let the savings begin.

Lock in more predictable bills

If it feels like your bill varies widely from one month to the next even though you’re using a similar amount of electricity, then you might be game for a fixed-rate plan. These plans let you lock in the rate you pay for the energy you use for a set period of time. Often, a fixed rate plan is a better deal than your utility’s variable-rate plan, which leaves you on the hook if there are large price spikes in the energy market.

Do good for the planet

One of four Energy Choice customers selects a renewable energy plan. Going green doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact many of these plans on our site are cost competitive with conventional plans. If you’re looking for electricity produced by renewable resources, or a natural gas plan paired with carbon offsets so you can reduce your carbon footprint, we have you covered.