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Live in Illinois? Take advantage of energy deregulation

Are you moving to Illinois? Illinois is one of 15 states of which electric and natural gas is deregulated, meaning you’ll be able to choose your electric and gas supplier instead of going with the states default utility rates.

According to a recent Google poll, about two-thirds of Illinois residents do not know what energy deregulation is or how it affects each resident individually, and are missing out on the opportunity to make a smart financial choice.

Only 9.5 percent of people surveyed say they exercise energy choices, regardless of the possible savings. That is why we have compiled the following list of questions and answers about deregulation of energy in Illinois.

Ameren Electric Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Constellation – 24 Month Home Power Plan 24 months $0.0539 / kWh
Clearview Energy – ClearGreenGuarantee 12 Plus 12 months $0.0569 / kWh
Direct Energy – Live Brighter 12 12 months $0.0639 / kWh
Public Power – 24 Month Fixed 24 months $0.0666 / kWh

Please note: All rates above are accurate as of 5/26/2019, 12:42:05 PM CT for utility Ameren. Rates may have changed since this date/time. For the most up to date rates in your area, please enter your zip code above.

What is Illinois energy deregulation and how can it help?

Energy deregulation in Illinois sounds alot more complicated than it really is. Just replace the word “choice” for “deregulation” and the concept is clear. In Illinois, some residents have the right to choose their electricity and natural gas providers rather than being stuck paying rates from the utilities.

Can I save money?

Energy deregulation means that electric and natural gas suppliers must offer competitive electricity prices to entice customers. Comparing the rates available in your area can help you decide which plan is best for you.

Factors include price, renewable energy mix, and contract length. In some cases the traditional utility may not be the most cost-effective option, and energy deregulation allows you to choose the company that is.

With, you can compare the plans available in your area. Just call us or request a quote.

How difficult is it to switch?

Pick the plan you like, sign up with your new electric and or gas supplier, and they’ll take care of the rest. It is your supplier’s responsibility to talk to the utility company about switching. There should be no interruption of power, and you won’t need to be home for the switch to be made.

The utility stills maintains the infrastructure used to deliver your energy, so if you have an emergency or power outage you’ll want to contact them, not your supplier.

Do I have to get another meter? Will there be more electric lines?

No and no. Your electricity will still be delivered by ComEd or Ameren. It will come over the same lines and go through the same meter. Your bill also will still come from ComEd or Ameren. The only difference is the company that supplies the electricity – and the price you pay for it.

What happens when my plan ends?

Your supplier should send you a notice at least 30 days before your plan is up. You can then choose a new plan. If you don’t, your supplier could renew you at a different rate.

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(Last updated 4/25/2019)

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