Compare electricity rates by state

What is electricity deregulation?

Electricity deregulation gives you more options of where to purchase your home or business’s electricity. Deregulated markets allow retail suppliers to compete for your business by offering lower rates and high quality products.

Electricity prices vary based on several factors, including:

  • Fuel costs
  • Power grid maintenance and operation
  • Type of customer – residential, commercial, industrial
  • Location
  • Weather conditions

Energy Choice will help you compare and shop deregulated electricity plans in your area. 

Which states consume the most energy?

State Average monthly consumption (kWh)
Louisiana 1,240
Tennessee 1,238
Alabama 1,214
Mississippi 1,203
Texas 1,156
South Carolina 1,155
Georgia 1,138
Florida 1,123
Kentucky 1,121
Virginia 1,120

Learn about your electricity consumption

All the electricity your home uses adds up to the kWh number on your bill that comes just before the dollar amount you owe. The kWh total is how energy suppliers measure your home’s electricity usage. Controlling those kWh helps control the amount of money you owe each month.


According to the EIA, the average American household uses 897 kWh of energy per month. Knowing that number, and how your own home’s usage compares, provides insight into the amount of energy you use per device. Simple changes like programming your thermostat or turning off televisions and computers when not in use will help lower energy costs.

Electricity cost by state

Residential electricity prices vary widely across the U.S., as low as 9.11 cents per kWh in Louisiana to 32.46 cents per kWh in Hawaii. Enter your ZIP code above to find low rates in your area.

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